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Equipment Spotlight – Lift Roller Sizer


Accurate sizing and handling are central to maintaining the quality and marketability of your produce. For carrots, potatoes and onions, sizing is especially important. With their non-uniform shape and variable textures, sizing root vegetables accurately and cost-effectively can be a challenge. Wyma’s Lift Roller Sizer has been specifically designed to meet the needs of customers that demand only the very best equipment. It can automatically be reconfigured to size a variety of produce without any engineering input to support multiple produce lines.

Wyma’s Lift Roller Sizer is a mature and proven system that uses a simple mechanical design, able to handle a range of throughputs from 10 to 40 t/hr. But that hasn’t stopped it from being routinely reviewed and improved, as Peter Newstead, Wyma’s Lead Design Engineer notes:

“We know how important sizing is (to a processing line) as it’s where high-value produce can be identified and separated. But equally, it’s an area we focus on to reduce waste and ultimately increase our customers’ output.” 

013-B Lift Roller Sizer (4)

As part of recent improvements, Wyma’s latest Lift Roller Sizer is constructed with a strong food safety focus. Produce contact points are all stainless steel or food-grade plastic, a trend you will see throughout Wyma’s range as food safety becomes a mandatory requirement for many of our customers.

The stainless steel construction is safer and will drive further efficiencies for operators by reducing cleaning times and scheduled maintenance, resulting in an extended operational life when compared to a mild steel alternative. Quality componentry and a unique driven roller design further reduces operating costs, allowing operators to maximise produce output. Due to its modular construction, future upgrades can be applied without replacing the entire machine, and, if required, custom configurations are available to meet specific customer needs.

Wyma’s market-leading Lift Roller Sizer not only delivers superior output, but it is clean to run, easy to maintain and simple to operate. It is the most cost-effective solution for processors looking for a high volume, reliable and clean solution.

LRS features

A Infeed conveyor* Minimises produce fall and maximises sizing time by helping to evenly distribute produce across the width of the sizer
B Choice of rollers and spacing Accurate diameter sizing
Designed to suit your produce type
C Electrical size adjustment* Easy size adjustments can be made during operation (manual size adjustment handle also available*)
D Friction-driven lifting rollers Assists turning produce for increased sizing accuracy
E Safety design including covers Additional safety mechanism compliant with safety standard
F Reversible cross conveyors* Line flexibility: sized produce can exit either side
G Various points of internal access Designed for easier servicing and maintenance
Variable speed control Adjustment of roller speed to suit produce type, condition and volume
Centralised greasing system for chain and bearings Increases life expectancy of moving parts
Bottom friction driven rollers driven No lubrication needed
Consistent roller rotation allows more reliable sizing
Direct drive motor Less maintenance needed
Heavy-duty drive system Built for strength and durability
Over-the-end waste management* For disposal of over-sized produce


For further information on sizing, or post-harvest solutions in general, please contact your Wyma sales representative.

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