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Line Description

This example of a 5-ton per hour potato wash line provides a simple and cost effective post-harvest solution. Potatoes can be received onto an Elevator where they are feed into a Horizontal Debris Remover, to remove loose dirt, vine  and other debris. Alternatively, potatoes may be tipped directly into the Wet Hopper via a Manual Bin Tipper.  The Wet Hopper, a two-ton capacity hopper is shown here, provides some soaking time to soften soil  before the produce is  transferred into a Vege-Polisher™, for washing and polishing.  Wash water is cleaned, filtered by the integrated Polisher Filter to for reuse and minimise water consumption. An elevator is shown to lift potatoes to Absorbent Drying Rollers removing excess moisture before the potatoes are inspected and  sized. Illustrated here are three Screen Sizers, able to sort produce into four sizes. Potatoes are then transferred to storage bins via fall breakers or a Vertical Bin & Bag Filler for packing in a separate line.  Alternatively packing could occur directly from the screen sizer output conveyors.

This line configuration would ideally suit a smaller scale grower, or packer, sourcing produce directly from harvest trucks, sacks or field storage bins. To learn more about the various machines used in this line please follow the links below. To learn more about this line, or how Wyma may be able to assist you with your post-harvest needs, please contact your regional Wyma representative.

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Allix Sarl

“I chose Wyma primarily from a technical point of view. We grow our potatoes in a particular soil made of abrasive sand which quickly damages the skin of potatoes. From the beginning, we knew we needed a custom-made way of receiving produce directly from the truck into the Wet Hopper. It allows our potatoes to move smoothly and homogeneously. Then we realized that Wyma have a number of really interesting things in their equipment range, like the Flume Destoner and the Floating Debris Remover on the Wet Hopper. These things attracted us.

Also, compared to their competitors, Wyma’s value for money was appealing. The quality was obvious. We spoke to people from the carrot industry who knew Wyma from their Vege-PolisherTM. Wyma’s quality equipment has a very good reputation. We are a small company so we must invest in equipment that will last a long time. Equipment longevity is very important. We already know that compared to our existing machines, it is a major technological leap. It is going to save us a lot of time. The quality and regularity of the process will now be reliable which was not the case before.

We are happy and very satisfied with this project. We really felt like we were talking to people who were keen to find solutions to suit our technical requirements.” – Jean Michel Allix

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