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 Potato Line

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This 90-ton potato line demonstrates the scale and complexity required to process and handle large volumes of produce. Receiving is managed via large storage bins or directly from field harvest trucks. Potatoes are then soaked, destoned, washed and polished. A large flume network provides the transport solution at this stage, supported by a large Rotary Filter water recycling system. Potatoes are then conveyed, via an initial Optical Grader, to a pair of Hydro-Coolers. Chilling potatoes is a proven methodology to extend shelf life and, in this example, chilled potatoes are precisely sized and graded through the pairing of mechanical Lift Roller Sizer with an Optical Grading and Sizing system for maximum precision.

Sized produce is then transported via an Automated Bin Handling System to storage, or directly to final visual inspection, prior to weighing and bagging. Numerous options and configurations are available for this volume of produce and will depend upon individual requirements and environmental factors. To learn more about this line, or how Wyma may be able to assist you with your post-harvest needs, please contact your regional Wyma representative.

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“My name is Michael Gertig, I am the Technical Director here at Lünekartoffel. We are here at the headquarters of Lünekartoffel in Südergellersen. We started in 1989 as a merger of Heidesaat Lüneburg and the potato section of Rudolf Peters Landhandel.

We mainly focus on the sale of potatoes. Today, we are mostly a service company to the company Bӧhmer, with which we are a partner. We are serving, through the company Bӧhmer, the German market with washed potatoes, mostly in small packages from 2.5kg to 25kg whereby the vast majority are the small packages.

Here in Südergellersen, we are processing approximately 50,000-60,000 tonnes per year of washed potatoes and also approximately 10,000 tonnes per year of onions. We also process the same in Adersleben, where we have another processing plant near Halberstadt.

In-house we discussed the option to polish and brush potatoes for a long time. For several years we looked at different systems and finally decided on Wyma. We decided we wanted a solid, high-quality product, of which other systems could not convince us. That’s why we decided on Wyma.

I can only say that the contact with Wyma is very good. The support of Wyma has helped us in different aspects, which in the end was the main driver for our decision to choose Wyma.”  – Michael Gertig, Lünekartoffel, Germany.

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