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Two decades on, Wyma Vege-Polisher™ continues to impress

Wyma original vege-polisher with parsnips

A discussion you often hear around the Wyma offices is around which elements of our equipment and processes are the most valuable to our customers. The commitment to innovation and continuous improvement is a common answer. Maybe it’s our focus on service and support. Or what about the flexibility of our solutions?

All of these are important to the team, but perhaps the key ingredient for Wyma’s customers is the longevity and reliability of our machines. From small-scale, family-operated growers right up to larger commercial producers, having equipment that gets the job done every time is critical.

When Josh Stilwell, Territory Manager for the UK and Scandinavia, was recently visiting a customer site he came across an old Wyma workhorse – one of our original Vege-Polishers™. This machine has been in service for over 20 years and remains one of the most reliable machines in the pack-house, handling daily loads of parsnips with ease.

While we’ve made many adjustments to the Vege-Polisher™ in the years since this one was commissioned, the core philosophy behind the machine has always remained the same – delivering optimal produce quality, day-in, day-out, so our customers can get the maximum value for their crop. We work hard to craft pack-house equipment that endures, and we’re always thrilled to see some of our older machinery continuing to perform well. In the past few years, as we’ve transitioned more towards full stainless steel solutions, equipment longevity has been a key focus and something we expect our customers to benefit from not just today, but 10 or even 20 years in the future.

This old Vege-Polisher™ – and the owner’s satisfaction with its performance more than two decades on – is a true testament to Wyma’s commitment to crafting equipment that delivers, season after season.

For more information about how our equipment can help you, be sure to check out our current Vege-Polisher™ lineup.

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