Our focus

Originally founded, in 1962, as a local engineering workshop the company was purchased, and renamed, by John Wyma in 1991. The Vege-Polisher™ soon followed which has proved to be a significant turning point in the root vegetable industry.

Wyma Solutions has become one of the most innovative and agile companies in the post-harvest sector. Wyma continues to improve the vegetable industry, with its strong focus on customer outcomes and quality. With its headquarters in Canterbury, New Zealand, Wyma Solutions now has production facilities on two continents and has machinery operating in more than 50 countries.

Our approach

Our approach

At Wyma we recognize that each customer has different needs, different produce varieties and different scales of operation. With a strong emphasis on collaboration, our team configures and tailors post-harvest solutions to match your specific conditions and requirements.

We are proud that our equipment is known for its quality and effectiveness, drawn from innovative design and manufacturing processes, as well as over 50 years of experience. We aim to provide the best solution to minimize downtime, reduce waste and get the absolute best out of your produce.

This is driven by a philosophy of continuous improvement for all of our designs, processes and equipment. Teamwork, trust and strong customer relationships underpin this; we listen, we learn, we share and we deliver on our reputation for quality, value and support.

The team at Wyma understands what adds value to your business and – more importantly – what matters to your customers.

Our history

Linton Engineering was founded in 1962 as a local manufacturer of agricultural and produce-handling equipment in Canterbury, New Zealand. This successful engineering company was purchased, and renamed, by John Wyma in 1991. The Vege-Polisher™ soon followed – a significant turning point for the international root vegetable industry.

In 2001 Wyma was sold to Andrew and Angela Barclay, who transformed it into a much larger company, serving a global market.

In 2023, Wyma was acquired by MHM Automation, another Christchurch-founded company, providing innovative, engineered solutions to food processors worldwide. Joining forces with MHM has allowed us to integrate their automation and robotic product handling systems into the line solutions we develop.

In 2024 MHM Automation and Wyma became part of the global Fortifi Food Processing Solutions group, together with our sister companies Bettcher and Frontmatec. Collectively as Fortifi, we can improve a single line or automate an entire food processing plant, anywhere in the world. Learn more about our combined capabilities on the Fortifi website.  


Our values

Our values

Wyma’s team works together to help create, deliver and support innovative post-harvest solutions. Our fresh thinking is always available to help you keep improving the way you process your vegetables.

Wyma’s values are Flexibility, Respect, Energy, Sustainability and Honour – FRESH thinking. We take pride in modelling our work, culture and processes around these five values:

When we respond to demands, commit to improvement and innovate solutions to new and old problems – we’re being flexible.

Respect means we value diversity, connection, cooperation and shows that we value our relationships at work.

We use our knowledge, skills and experience to do quality work; owning our bit and working together as one team. It’s our formula for success – our customers’ and our own.

We look for opportunities to design, manufacture and work in ways that are responsible and that future-proof our business. We care about safeguarding the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, customers and visitors.

Honour is doing what we say we’ll do and acting with integrity, even when it’s inconvenient for us or not seen by others.

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