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Information and Copyright:

All information on this website is owned by Wyma Engineering (NZ) Ltd unless otherwise stated. The use of this information is only granted for the help of purchasing or comparing our products or services. This information cannot be copied without our express written permission.

Parts of the internal website are subject to individual copyrights and some are under a GPL or free copyright. If you have any queries regarding this then please contact e2-media. We do not condone the attempt to copy any of our layouts and design information.

Wyma has purchased some photos for use in this website. Unless you are the original copyright holder please do not contact us in regard to the use of these. Even if you have also purchased these photos the changes we have made are considered our own copyright.

The information in the Customer Testimonials is a shared copyright with the customers and Wyma. No royalties are associated with their use.



We believe all information was true and correct at the time of publishing it. We do not however take any responsibility for the use of any of this information for service or operation of any Wyma product. We do not to the extent of NZ law take any responsibility for the accuracy of statements made.

Wyma takes no responsibility the information entered by third parties or contractors to the extent of NZ law.

Wyma takes no responsibility for loss or damage that may occur, if our website is hijacked or infected by malware or viruses to the extent of NZ law.

Wyma takes no responsibility for the possible loss of data from the use of our website with your web browser.

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