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Line Description

Onions require great care to avoid bruising and damage. This example of a 25-ton per hour line demonstrates a range of on-demand gentle handling solutions. Onions are received from field trucks or field bins via a Bin Tipper – Manual, Hydraulic or Electric are all suitable options. The produce is then elevated to a Screen Piece Remover where unwanted debris and soil is removed. If required, manual inspection may occur at this point before the produce is ‘topped’ via a Fan Topper. Sizing occurs next in this example, with produce brushed then graded into five sizes using a Lift Roller Sizer. Produce then has the option to transfer directly to the optical grader or bins via Vertical Bin Fillers for temporary storage.

For produce going to bins, an Automatic Bin Management system is used to feed empty bins to the Vertical Bin Fillers and deliver full bins to a single location for efficient forklift pickup. When temporary storage bins can then be entered back into the line via the Automatic Bin Unloader System, which can take bins delivered up to three high, unstack them and tip automatically into the re-feed elevator.

Produce travelling over the optical grader is sized and graded without labour and directed via a final manual inspection and an Evenflow surge hopper for weighing, packing and palletising. If there is a mismatch of capacity between weighing machine and produce, the excess can be easily diverted to bin fillers as shown and used at a later time. In this example, Vertical Bin Fillers and Electric Bin Tippers without automation are shown as a comparison.

To learn more about the various machines used in this line please follow the links below. To learn more about this line, or how Wyma may be able to assist you with your post-harvest needs, please contact your regional Wyma representative.

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Dolling Produce

Founded in the early 1980s, Dolling Produce has evolved from a general fresh produce supplier growing a mixture of potatoes, carrots and onions, to a specialist onion producer. Run by Brett Dolling and his wife Leanne, with the assistance of their three children Jarryd, Chet and Shannon, Dolling now grows and supplies onions exclusively for the wholesale markets of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, as well as directly to the major supermarket chains and for export.

Growing around 200 hectares of onions in the Limestone Coast area of South Australia, this fully irrigated operation produces over 12,000 tonnes of top-quality brown and red onions per season. Recognising a need to improve the efficiency of their post-harvest operations whilst maintaining the quality, Dolling Produce engaged Wyma Solutions to redevelop their pack-house solution.

Wyma developed and delivered an end-to-end solution, and was pleased to be able to partner with Burg Machinefabriek to integrate an automated bin tipping solution at the infeed and automated roller conveyor system to handle graded produce bins.

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