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Wyma’s Wet Hopper is now smarter and more efficient

Wyma’s Wet Hopper is popular with growers and pack-house owners the world over.  First designed over 10 years ago, we have sold over 100 Wet Hoppers to satisfied customers around the world.

Our Wet Hopper offers gentle produce infeed, produce pre-soak and buffer storage.  It delivers produce evenly to your line, eliminating surges so downstream equipment can operate more effectively.

Recent modifications mean that our design is now smarter and more efficient than ever before.

Our sophisticated automation allows easy equipment control. An easy-to-use touch screen can be mounted in a location to suit you. From the touch screen you can control every aspect of your Wet Hopper operation. Remote access is available, so wherever you are in the world, Wyma staff can access your equipment to help with issues and provide software updates.

Pipework & Jets
We have modified the pipework and jets to improve produce flow and to push debris towards the Floating Debris Remover. A pipe at the floor conveyor level helps clear produce from the tank for cleaning or produce changeover.

Pressure Sensor
Manages water level and protects the pump.

Floating Debris Remover
A Floating Debris Remover can be installed on your Wet Hopper to collect debris so it does not clog up downstream equipment. It is adjustable to suit debris type.

Many things affect Wet Hopper performance (produce size and condition, soil type, and operating conditions). Wyma’s industry experts will consult with you to make sure your Wet Hopper is a perfect fit for your conditions.

We are proud of these advances, and we are certain you will enjoy the benefits they provide.

With our vast range of Wet Hoppers, we have the right solution for your pack-house needs.

 Find out more about our Wet Hopper.

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