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Wet Hopper

Produce can be quickly tipped into the water-filled Wet Hopper without fear of damage. Incoming produce can be clean or dirty.


Our Wet Hopper allows produce to be quickly tipped into a water filler tank without fear of damage. Incoming produce can be dirty, clean or semi-clean.

Produce gently travels along on a web conveyor toward an out-feed elevator. As it travels, fine sand and dirt fall through the web belt into collection hoppers in the base. Dump valves regularly clear debris build-up.

An air agitation system can be fitted so produce rubs gently against other produce, helping remove dirt.

An out-feed elevator lifts produce out of the water and delivers it to the next stage in your line. Spray bars can be fitted for a final rinse.


A Air agitation Gently agitates produce to soften and remove mud.
B Floating Debris Remover* Prevents floating debris from clogging downstream equipment. Adjustable depth in water, to suit different debris types.
C Variable speed controlled Elevator Controls line throughput. Gooseneck out-feed for gentle delivery to next stage.
D Water spray bar* Rinses produce before next stage in your line.
E Rubber web belt - double bar cleats Gently handles produce and lets water through. Robust cleats.
F Rear and mid jets* Used for ‘Fast Empty’ option. Pushes floating debris to Floating Debris Remover and produce to Elevator. Nozzle flaps prevent produce entering the jets.
G Access hatches Full access on both sides for maintenance and cleaning. Full visibility of hopper floor.
H Automatic dump valves* Controlled, periodic removal of sand and dirt.
I Pressure sensor Manages water level and protects pump.
J Equipment automation with touch screen electrical controls Smart and easy equipment control.
Internal cleaning bars Rinses dirt from tank as water drains out.
Stainless steel construction Durable and hard-wearing. Designed for strength and cleanabilty, with minimal horizontal surfaces.
Minimal gaps around plastic wear strips Prevents small produce from getting caught.
Mounting plates for platforming Makes it easy to install platforming for equipment viewing and access.

* Optional

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