Wyma’s Vertical Bin and Bag Filler offers automated, gentle produce handling

Over the years, many customers have come to us wanting a bin filler that gently handles their produce; from the first piece to the last.

For this purpose, we designed our Wyma Vertical Bin & Bag Filler. Its soft produce handling means produce is supported all the way to the bottom of the bin or bag.

Produce is fed onto the cross conveyor and is carried to a rotating de-elevator. The de-elevating head begins operation in its lowest position so produce is conveyed gently to the bottom of the bin. As produce level rises, the de-elevating head slowly moves upwards to maintain minimal produce drop. De-elevator head position is controlled using sensors.

It is available in single or dual-head configuration.

Single Head Model: Once the bin or bag is full, the cross conveyor and de-elevator head stop until a replacement bin or bag is detected.

Dual-head Model: Once the bin or bag is full, the cross conveyor reverses automatically to start filling a second bin. This allows for continuous filling.

We offer multiple electrical options for flexible integration into your pack-house line. Remote support is available so our automation experts can help you wherever you are in the world.

To take advantage of the gentle handling that Wyma’s Vertical Bin & Bag Filler provides, please contact us today.



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