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Vertical Bin & Bag Filler

Our Vertical Bin & Bag Filler provides gentle produce handling for bins and bags.


If you need gentle produce handling when filling bins or bags, then our Vertical Bin & Bag Filler is the perfect choice.

The De-elevator lowers and stops just before it reaches the bottom of a bin or bag. When it is in position, produce feed starts.

Soft fingers on the De-elevator gently convey produce into the bin or bag, slowly adjusting upwards to maintain a minimal distance between its end point and the level of produce.

Once the bin or bag is full, produce feed stops until a replacement empty bin or bag is detected. On the dual-head model, the feed conveyor will reverse and fill the second bin or bag, allowing for continuous filling





A Soft rubber fingers on De-elevator belt Gently support and convey produce into bin with minimal drop.
B De-elevator head with automated
incremental positioning
Maintains minimal drop height as the bin fills.
Long De-elevator head available for deep bins/bags.
C Reversible conveyor
(fitted on dual head configuration only)*
Enables continuous filling. Conveyor automatically directs produce
towards empty bin when opposite bin is full.
D Standard support frame Easy integration into the processing line. Accepts most common bin
dimensions. Customisable for bags or extra tall bins and bags.
E Bin locating bars Correct bin positioning.
Stops bin from damaging the support frame and machine.
F Bin detection sensor system Prevents produce loss on the floor. Bin Filler will not start until the bin is
correctly located under the De-elevator head.
G Flexible energy chain Prevents damage to moving electrical cables and allows smooth
De-elevator movement.
H Tower light and siren Alerts forklift operator when a bin is full.
I Rail and guide rollers Smooth De-elevator movement.
J Produce level sensor Signals when to adjust De-elevator head height and when a bin is full.
Multiple electrical options available For flexible integration options.

* Optional

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