Does size matter? (Only if you want to be competitive).

Choosing the right size can have big implications, and not just with chillies!

For growers and processors, accurate sizing is key to being able to cost-effectively present the right sort of product to your customers. If you don’t want to simply compete on price, you need to be able provide very high-quality produce. While there are a number of elements that contribute to how competitive you can be in the market, effectively sizing your produce is crucial.

What do you need to think about it when comes to using mechanical sizing applications? It’s important for machines to have these characteristics:

  1. Easy to setup, operate and reconfigure
  2. Modular in design so they integrate well into your new or existing line
  3. Able to cater for various produce runs and types
  4. Feature a design that requires very low maintenance and easy-access points
  5. Efficiently size your produce in a gentle manner
  6. Come in a range of standard sizes to accommodate a variety of throughputs with the option to customise

At Wyma we have put considerable research and development into sizing applications, and have developed a range of solutions.

Spool Sizer: produce moves over adjustable rows of spools, sizing produce into two sizes. It is great for pre-sizing produce and removing dirt, clods and other foreign material. Download technical requirements and site specifications here.


Vibrating Length Sizer: for sizing long produce prior to packaging. Produce is fed onto a bed  made up of corrugated channels with adjustable openings. The bed is mounted on springs to isolate the vibrations created by vibrating motors, encouraging produce to move down the bed. Download technical requirements and site specifications here.


Screen sizer: features a rotating screen with apertures relevant to the size of produce you want to separate. It sizes round produce into two sizes, with the process aided by mechanical shakers that gently vibrate the produce onto the screen. Download technical requirements and site specifications here.


Lift Roller Sizer: produce is sized as it travels along on rotating rollers over a series of ramps. Each ramp is higher than the ramp prior, progressively allowing larger produce to be sized. It sizes either cylindrical or spherical produce, up to eight different sizes. Download technical requirements and site specifications here.


Want to talk to someone about your sizing requirements? Find a representative in your region and start the conversation.

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