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Lift Roller Sizer

Wyma’s Lift Roller Sizer is easy to operate. It accurately separates fresh produce into multiple sizes.


Our Lift Roller Sizer gently and accurately sizes produce (mainly carrots, potatoes and onions) as it travels along on rotating rollers. It can separate produce into a maximum of eight different sizes.

The rollers are mounted on two endless chains (one on each side). The rollers travel on a series of ramps. As the rollers move forward, every second roller lifts up to the height of the ramp creating an opening between that roller and the ones on either side of it. Produce smaller than the gap falls through the rollers, larger produce continues on.

Each ramp is higher than the one before it, so the gaps get progressively larger and allow larger produce to fall through the rollers.

Ramp heights are easily adjusted using handles located along one side of the Lift Roller Sizer. They can even be adjusted as the equipment is operating.

Optional reversible cross conveyors slide through gaps in the side of the Lift Roller Sizer to catch sized produce under each ramp.


A Infeed conveyor* Minimises produce fall and evenly distributes produce across the width to maximise capacity.
B Ergonomic size adjustment handle Easy grade adjustments can be made during operation.
C Choice of roller and combinations Accurate diameter sizing.
Suitable for many produce types.
D Heavy-duty drive system Built for strength and durability.
E Safety cover Additional safety mechanism.
F Reversible cross conveyors* Line flexibility: sized produce can exit either side.
Variable speed control Adjustment of roller speed to suit produce type, condition and volume.
Centralised greasing system for chain and bearings* Increases life expectancy of moving parts.
Limiting ramps* Prevents lift rollers jumping when large produce is forcing them upward.
Keeps sizing accurate.
Upgrade to heavier roller piping** Increases friction on the baler belt to keep rollers rotating.
Useful for large produce.
Keeps sizing accurate.

* Optional

** Available for cylindrical rollers only

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