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Wyma Flume Destoner now available

Putting their “Fresh Thinking” into action, Wyma have now released a range of Flume Destoners to the market. For pack-house owners and operators occuring costs due to stones causing damage to produce and equipment, the Wyma Flume Destoner offers a flexible, robust and compac solution to address the issue.

The Wyma design team has carefully researched market needs and current equipment supply and consequently identified that a Flume Destoner with the ability to adjust to various batch conditions and able to remove stones up to 100 mm (4”) would help customers to reduce the costs associated with the presence of stones in their processing operations.

In addition to this improved flexibility, the Wyma Flume Destoner is a water efficient system using either water re-circulated from an existing tank e.g. a Vege-Polisher™ or barrel washer, or from a Wyma built tank either built as a stand-alone unit or integrated to the flume destoner (custom design).

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