Reduce damage, and increase productivity, shelf life and efficiency, with automated bin warehousing

Wyma has recently added automatic bin warehousing to its portfolio of packing shed products. Automated warehousing systems (ASRS) have significant benefits for fruit and vegetable packers needing short term storage between washing, pre-grading and packing.

  • Bins are stacked efficiently, automatically, and at high speed with a minimum building footprint.
  • Traceability is high; product data including grower ID, field ID, variety, size, quality grade, harvest date is tracked to the consumer package automatically.
  • Realtime data of product in storage, age, location and process date, is available in an instant.
  • Bin storage systems are gentle on produce compared to bulk storage systems.
  • There is virtually no labour required to manage the system.
  • ASRS systems are surprisingly cost effective compared to traditional alternatives.

Automated warehousing can easily share data with a customer ERP, enabling centralised data for electronic grading, bulk handling, label printing and palletising. This allows customers to make informed decisions and manage the complete packing facility via a simple customer interface.

To watch Wyma Automated Warehouse video, please click here.

Patates Dolbec, a family business in Canada bringing experience and innovation to potato farming, has recently invested in a new potato plant supplied by Wyma that includes an automatic bin warehousing system. Josée Petitclerc, Director, Marketing and Continuous Improvement, “Our new plant gives us superb flexibility, enhances our ability to serve our customers, allows us to track all our data in real time for better-decision making and, of course, enables us to provide a stimulating, well-organized workplace.”

Wyma has recently partnered with Divel to deliver automated warehouse solutions, which includes robotic warehouses, AGVs and automated forklifts. Divel is a provider of automated positioning, handling and storage solutions based out of Quebec, Canada. Andrew Barclay, Managing Director of Wyma notes, “They are a newer player in this technology space, but the perfect partner for Wyma, being highly focussed on the fruit and vegetable industry, where challenges such as temperature and humidity control, and higher levels of hygiene are required compared to normal automated warehouse systems”.

In the last six months alone, Divel has expanded their team by 25% and sits as the research chair at UQTR University for the Intelligent Navigation of Autonomous Industrial Vehicles.

For further information on automated warehouse systems, please contact your Wyma sales representative, or click here.

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