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Wyma Europe has moved offices

March 2014




As a result of continued customer loyalty and support, Wyma Europe has experienced significant growth over the past five years. In order to facilitate this growth, our offices in the Czech Republic have moved from Slany to Rudna (5km West of Prague). The floor space of both the warehouse and the office has doubled in size.


wyma_europe_new_offices_irena wyma_europe_new_offices_martin


This increase in space allows us to have a broader range and increased inventory of products and spare parts while also accommodating for our growing staff numbers. One of the primary reasons for the relocation is to utilise the warehouse space to layout and integrate full line solutions for European customers; including configuration and assembly of platforming and conveyors.

See details of our new address for Wyma Europe here


wyma_europe_new_warehouse wyma_europe_new_warehouse_with_vege_polisher

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