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Our Evenflow Hopper evenly supplies produce on-demand to the next stage in your line, converting an irregular infeed to a constant outfeed flow.



Wyma’s Evenflow Hopper is a combination conveyor and hopper. It evenly supplies produce to the next piece of equipment in your line (in a continuous process). It converts an irregular infeed supply to a constant outfeed flow. It can also provide buffer storage.

The Evenflow Hopper starts in a raised position with the infeed end of the conveyor bed as high as it can go. When a sensor detects produce on the conveyor, the end of the conveyor lowers, creating a produce storage area. As produce backlog clears, the end of the conveyor lifts back up.

This sensor-controlled system can be set up so produce is only fed to the next piece of equipment as it is needed (on-demand).

There are two motors; one driving the conveyor and one driving the up-and-down movement.


A Large storage capacity;
approximately 300 kg - 1000 kg
Produce can be stored before it is fed to the line.
B Produce depth sensor Helps minimise produce infeed drop.
C Continuous feed sensor* Changes belt speed for smooth produce flow rate.
D External covers Restrict access to danger areas for safe operation.
E Heavy-duty belt Robust and long lasting.
F Slat bed Very low maintenance.
G Side skirts* Stop dirt getting under the belt.
H Two geared motors Separate drives for conveyor and lift action.
I Simple, durable tensioning system Very low maintenance and easy to adjust.
J Variable speed conveyor Allows feed rate control for soft start to reduce jolting of parts.
K Adjustable feet For easy, level installation.
Automatic conversion from hopper to conveyor Flexible application.
Soft-drop at transition points* Gentle transition to minimise produce damage.

* Optional

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