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Polisher Filter

Wyma’s Polisher Filter removes vegetable matter, debris and dirt from Vege-Polisher™ waste water so the water can be reused.


  • Removes vegetable matter and debris and Vege-Polisher waste water.
  • Reduces fresh water usage by up to 70 %.
  • Rotary screen filter removes debris from the filter screen.
  • Rotating brush on outside of screen filter also removes debris.
  • Waste chute Directs waste to a waste bin*.
  • Water level sensor** Senses low water level and stops the pump so it doesn’t overheat. This is replaced by the pressure transducer** when full electrics are purchased.
  • Dump valves: manual or automatic Open valves to flush sediment from tank. Automatic only: Can be set to automatically open at regular intervals.
  • Adjustable feet Easy, level installation. Height adjustable +-120mm.

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