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Our Mega-Polisher is the largest vegetable polishing system in the world. It improves the appearance of fresh vegetables to increase shelf-life.


  • Highly reliable patented V and synchronous belt drive systems
  • Enhanced bearing protection features to maximise the lifespan of your equipment
  • Built strongly to stand the test of time and to provide a low total cost of ownership
  • Large on capacity while minimising floor space requirements
  • Ability to customise the brush configuration to suit your produce and maximise polishing effectiveness
  • Separate variable speed controls for the brush and barrel rotation giving you the ability to control the polishing intensity
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance via sliding doors, side removable brush shafts and light weight clip on/clip off panels
  • Hinged belt tensioning system for quick and simple tension adjustment
  • Manual or automated out-feed gate to control produce depth
  • Fresh water and recycled water spray bars inside drum
  • Range of water recycling systems to minimise water consumption rates
  • Internal cleaning bars to reduce manual cleaning
  • Numerous safety components such as door locks and drum retainer

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