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Wyma’s Vege-Peeler peels a variety of vegetables and is available with custom designed brushes or a combination of brushes and carborundum.


  • The Vege-Peeler can be used with multiple fresh produce types, shapes and conditions
  • Separate variable speed controls for the barrel, the brushes and the auger* rotation to give you the ability to control the peeling intensity
  • Auger controlled feed-rate to maintain consistent peeling result*
  • Internal cleaning bars to reduce manual cleaning
  • Water Recycling Systems to minimise water consumption rates*
  • Built strongly to stand the test of time and provide a low total cost of ownership over its lifetime
  • Ability to customise the brush and/or carborundum configuration to maximise peeling effectiveness
  • Enhanced bearing protection features to maximise the lifespan of your equipment
  • Sliding side access doors for quick and easy cleaning and servicing
  • Centralised greasing system

* Optional

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