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Vege-Polisher™ V4

Our V4 Vege-Polisher™ has many features including automated machine operation and improved access for maintenance and cleaning.



A  Reliable V and synchronous belt drive system, Proven performance and durability.

Manual jog function. Rotates drum and brushes for safe and easy everyday cleaning.

C  Touch screen controls and integrated electrics, makes equipment installation easy, equipment is easy to use.

D  External spray bar. Helps keep brushes clean and minimises debris accumulation.

E  Customised brush configurations. To suit your produce and conditions, maximising polishing effectiveness.

Fresh water rinse on outfeed, rinses away waste water and debris.

G  Patented horizontal counter-opening doors.

H  Infeed rinse.

Soft infeed chute

Hinged end guards

K  Foldback end doors, for easy access.


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