Wyma Winners of Kordia Champion Producer/Manufacturer Award

Wyma - Westpac Awards 2021 v1.0

Wyma Solutions is thrilled to have won the 2021 Kordia Champion Producer/Manufacturer award.  The award is a recognition of Wyma's ongoing commitment to meeting the challenges and needs of the industry and our customers.

Getting closer to our customers and understanding their unique environments and challenges is key to our success.  No two crop types are the same, no two growing regions are the same, so each customer solution must be unique.  It is meeting these challenges, and our determination to help produce growers around the world get the best from every harvest, that motivates our whole team.

As a growing global business supporting customers spanning the world, Wyma has sales, project management, manufacturing and after-sales capabilities in New Zealand, Australia, North America, Europe and the United Kingdom.  Extensive partner networks further add to Wyma's global coverage.




Wyma would like to take the opportunity to express our sincere thanks to our staff, customers and partners around the world for the contributions they have made to our growth and success.


Learn more about our story here:https://www.wymasolutions.com/about/our-story

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