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Mini Wet Hopper

Provides in-line buffer storage and produce soak for the clean end of your line.


  • Quickly tip produce in without damage for gentle receiving
  • Buffer storage delivers produce evenly to your line – no produce ‘surges’, meaning downstream equipment can operate effectively.
  • False floor guides produce to outfeed elevator.
  • Variable speed controlled elevator* controls line throughput.
  • Gooseneck elevator* gently delivers produce to the next stage in your line.
  • Access hatch* for full access for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Automatic dump valve* controlled, periodic removal of sand and dirt.
  • Water spray bar on elevator* rinses produce before the next stage in your line.
  • Stainless steel construction is durable and hard-wearing. Designed for strength and cleanability, with minimal horizontal surfaces.

* Optional

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