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Hydro-Cooler for loose produce

Our Hydro-Coolers quickly reduce the core temperature of fresh produce to extend shelf-life.


  • Quickly reduces core temperature of produce which extends shelf-life and preserves flavor and appearance.
  • Produce immersion* improves heat transfer efficiency. A sensor is available to detect water level.
  • Variable speed controlled conveyor allows you to control cooling time.
  • Stainless steel tank  – strong and cleanable.
  • Rotary Filter Unit* Provides continuous water filtration to prevent blockages.
  • Gooseneck elevator* gently delivers produce to next stage. Extensions available*.
  • Drain valves (two) allow the tank to be drained of water. Automatic valves available*.
  • Access hatches* for full access for maintenance and cleaning.
  • The water spray system cools produce and maintains optimum temperature.
  • Integrated coils mean no need for an external heat exchanger.
  • The modular belt on the conveyor allows water to fall through to the base of the tank for recycling. Cleanable and serviceable.
  • The integrated tank allows semi-immersed cooling.
  • Equipment automation with touch – screen smart, easy equipment control.
  • Variable speed controlled elevator and pump which allows full equipment control.
  • Gravity-aided belt tensioning reduces belt wear.

* Optional

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