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Octal Conveyors & Elevators

Our Octal Conveyors & Elevators efficiently transport produce to different parts of your line.


  • A backstop prevents produce roll-back.
  • PVC belt – good quality and long lasting
  • Urethane drums are longer life than steel drums; no pitting or rust. More grip than steel drums.
  • Fully supported belt edges are safer and less produce will be lost/damaged.
  • Fully covered bearings help a safe operation.
  • Slat bed is very low maintenance and provides flexibility during installation.
  • Stainless belt support rollers have less friction as belt moves; saves power.
  • Modular design for flexibility during installation. Can be supplied flat-packed to save build and freight cost. Allows for modifications at a later date.
  • Seamless return rollers mean smooth operation and a long life.

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