Flat Bed Brusher

Wyma’s Flat Bed Brusher removes dirt from produce. They can operate wet or dry.    


  • Spray bars allow chemical application and produce rinsing.
  • Outfeed brush rollers protect last drying roller from damage as produce exits.
  • Automatic wiper system* clears produce at the end of a run so no operator required.
  • Water catchment tray collects waste water. Easy cleaning access.
  • A centralized greasing system is convenient when greasing is needed.
  • Infeed brush rollers protect drying rollers from any drop impact. Flicks excess water off for a ‘headstart’ on the drying process.
  • Pneumatic squeeze frame allows adjustment of squeeze pressure to maximise sponge life.
  • Belt driven design (Kevlar-reinforced) is more reliable than chain-driven design and less maintenance.
  • No drop between modules means multiple flat beds can be combined. This is an efficient use of space and the most gentle form of handling.
  • Handedness – Motors can go on either side of the machine to suit your site.
  • Motors IP56 and covered means that you can hose down the machine.
  • Designed with few catchment areas reduces dirt trapping.
  • Modular build to mix and match functionality, flexibility and can modify set-up at a later date.

* Optional

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