Hydraulic Bin Tipper

Our fully automated Hydraulic Bin Tipper empties high weight field bins into a hopper or gently onto a conveyor.


  • Various model widths available to meet bin specifications
  • Custom frame heights to adequately integrate the Bin Tipper into new and existing processing lines
  • Can tip into a hopper or onto a conveyor
  • Hydraulic power pack operating cylinders and sized to suit load and speed requirements
  • Fast standard tipping cycle of 25 seconds from bin loading to produce release
  • Durable and robust construction to withstand the strains of lifting heavy bins and of forklift knocks
  • Designed to minimise drop height and optimise gentle tipping
  • Dual linkage arms for a smooth tipping motion and an efficient use of hydraulic power
  • Fully automatic tipping cycle
  • Tipping rotation to 140 degrees to ensure complete produce discharge
  • Remote radio control to allow operation from forklift*
  • Can handle multiple field / pack-house bin sizes
  • The wide cradle models allow two bins to be tipped simultaneously.

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