Wet Hopper

Wyma’s Wet Hopper is a cost effective, multi-purpose, pre-washing system, designed to remove excess mud, dirt and sand from produce without causing damage.

General Information:
The Wet Hopper C-Series, Wyma's flagship wet hopper, sets a new standard for versatile produce processing. This multi-purpose system is essential in effective produce wash lines, accommodating various root vegetables like carrots, potatoes, parsnips, and more.

Key Features:
Key features include a pre-wash soak with air agitation to soften soil, surge storage for inconsistent product flows, gentle produce entry, dirt collection, and precise line flow control. Produce enters through options like Tipper, Conveyor, or Stone Remover and moves on an internal web conveyor. Built-in air agitation pre-cleans the produce, reducing post-hopper cleaning effort.

Efficient Produce Exit:
Produce exits via the integrated gooseneck elevator, maintaining a steady flow rate irrespective of hopper depth, thanks to precise control. An anti-rollback system ensures reliability.

Soil and Debris Handling:
Soil and debris collect in hoppers under the floor conveyor, periodically discharged via drain valves. Alternatively, continuous augers can replace collection hoppers for efficient slurry removal.

Automation and Customization:
The Wet Hopper boasts automation controls, such as torque sensing and customizable outfeed elevator lengths.

Durability and Additional Features:
Its sturdy stainless steel construction requires minimal maintenance. Additional features like debris removal, clean water rinse, and self-cleaning can be integrated to suit specific processing needs.

Rocky Lamattina and Son, Australia


  • Durable, robust, stainless steel construction.
  • Heavy-duty web belt with rubberized bars. High and low profile web belt options. Double bar cleats. Multiple web chord options.
  • Plastic wear strips require zero maintenance runners for web belt.
  • Central greasing location with grease lines for hard to reach bearings
  • Air agitation for improved dirt removal while maintaining gentle vegetable handling.
  • Self-cleaning cycle and internal cleaning bar to rinse dirt from hard to clear areas of tank.  
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance with access hatches and removable floor conveyor and elevator.
  • Mounting plates for platforming. Easy to install platforming for equipment viewing and service access.
  • Variable speed controllers for elevators, floor conveyor, air agitation blowers, pumps and floating debris removers.
  • Pressure sensor for water level management and pump protection.
  • Pre-wired, with a fully sealed stainless steel control panel and fully automated easy-to-use touch screen control. Compatible with most control systems. Omron, AB, Siemens, etc.
  • Floating Debris Remover to remove floating debris from produce before clogging downstream equipment.*
  • Water spray bars to remove remaining soil and floating debris from produce before exiting.*
  • Rear and mid jets to push floating debris to Floating Debris Remover and produce to the Elevator.*
  • Automatic dump valves for controlled, periodic removal of sand and dirt. Knife and Butterfly Valve options.*
  • Remote access (eWon)*.
  • Produce sensor to stop infeed flow when tank is full.*

* Optional

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