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Wet Hopper

Wyma’s Wet Hopper is a cost effective, multi-purpose, pre-washing system, designed to remove excess mud, dirt and sand from produce without causing damage.


  • Durable, robust, stainless steel construction.
  • Heavy-duty web belt with rubberized bars. High and low profile web belt options. Double bar cleats. Multiple web chord options.
  • Plastic wear strips require zero maintenance runners for web belt.
  • Central greasing location with grease lines for hard to reach bearings
  • Air agitation for improved dirt removal while maintaining gentle vegetable handling.
  • Self-cleaning cycle and internal cleaning bar to rinse dirt from hard to clear areas of tank.  
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance with access hatches and removable floor conveyor and elevator.
  • Mounting plates for platforming. Easy to install platforming for equipment viewing and service access.
  • Variable speed controllers for elevators, floor conveyor, air agitation blowers, pumps and floating debris removers.
  • Pressure sensor for water level management and pump protection.
  • Pre-wired, with a fully sealed stainless steel control panel and fully automated easy-to-use touch screen control. Compatible with most control systems. Omron, AB, Siemens, etc.
  • Floating Debris Remover to remove floating debris from produce before clogging downstream equipment.*
  • Water spray bars to remove remaining soil and floating debris from produce before exiting.*
  • Rear and mid jets to push floating debris to Floating Debris Remover and produce to the Elevator.*
  • Automatic dump valves for controlled, periodic removal of sand and dirt. Knife and Butterfly Valve options.*
  • Remote access (eWon)*.
  • Produce sensor to stop infeed flow when tank is full.*

* Optional

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