Belt Inspection Conveyor

Wyma’s Belt Inspection Conveyor is designed for manual inspection of produce.


  • Blue PVC belt for better colour contrast when inspecting or grading
  • Light frame with fluorescent or LED light for enhanced inspection or grading*
  • Stainless steel chute extension attaches to end of moulded plastic waste/sorting chute to provide extra length for chute and to direct produce towards bins/conveyors*
  • Stainless steel in-feed or out-feed chute with rubber lining to gently feed produce onto roller inspection table or other equipment that follows in the processing line
  • Emergency stop pull cord with reset button
  • Variable speed drive which enables the operator easy access to vary the speed of the inspection to his/her preference
  • Stainless steel side panels with dura-galvanised internal frame and mild steel and painted legs, or complete upgrade to stainless steel
  • Integrated motor and gearbox

* Optional

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