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Hedgehog Top Remover

Wyma’s Hedgehog removes carrot tops, soil and other debris from your produce flow.


Our Hedgehog Top Remover removes carrot tops, loose dirt and leaves, etc) from produce flow.

Produce and debris are fed onto the upwardly rotating belt. Carrots slide down the belt while the belt pintles elevate carrot tops and debris to a waste chute.

Angle can be adjusted to suit your conditions.


A Extended waste chute height Maximum waste containment.
B Belt tensioner Easy tension adjustment.
C Adjustable operation angle To suit different produce types or different amounts of carrot top being removed.
D Web continuously held on wear strips Provides greater support.
Reduces need for maintenance.
E Inspection hatch (both sides) Helpful for belt removal and replacement.
F Gooseneck Elevator infeeding produce Small produce drop at infeed.
Compact, rugged design Longer machine life.
Pivot at base Minimises out-feed variance when adjusting angle.

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