Hedgehog Top Remover

Wyma’s Hedgehog removes carrot tops, soil and other debris from your produce flow.

General Information:

The Wyma Hedgehog Top Remover is a machine designed for efficient removal of vine, leaf, roots, sticks, and loose dirt from produce flow.

It operates by feeding produce onto an upward traveling belt where waste and debris are caught by belt pintle fingers and carried up to a waste chute or conveyor.

The machine offers adjustable features, allowing operators to modify the angle and belt speed according to the type of produce and operating conditions.

Produce is discharged gently, either onto a belt conveyor or into a water body like a Wet Hopper or Stone Remover, minimizing falling impact.

The Hedgehog Top Remover comes in two configurations—waste above and waste below the frame—and is available in two widths: 750mm (29.5”) and 1200mm (47”).

Conveyor Above Frame 03_1
Hedgehog infeed, outfeed and above frame waste removal.
Waste from the Hedgehog top remover can feed waste bin's via a conveyor or directly from a built in waste chute.
1200 mm (47") wide Hedgehog with waste conveyor above frame.
1200 mm (47") wide Hedgehog with waste conveyor below frame.
Vege-Polisher feeding a Hedgehog Top Remover.
Simple washline example


  • Extended waste chute height for maximum waste containment
  • Belt tensioner for easy tension adjustment
  • Adjustable operation angle to suit different produce types or different amounts of carrot top being removed.
  • Web continuously held on wear strips provides greater support and reduces need for maintenance.
  • Inspection hatch (both sides) which is helpful for belt removal and replacement.
  • Gooseneck Elevator infeeding produce ensures a small produce drop at infeed.


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