Flume Destoner

Wyma’s Flume Destoner removes stones from your produce flow to minimise damage to produce and equipment in your processing line.


Our Flume Destoner removes stones and clods from your produce flow to minimise damage to equipment and produce further down your processing line. It uses the different densities of stones and produce to separate them.

Produce and stones enter together and meet a rising column of water. Produce is conveyed gently across the column while stones fall down the stone duct onto an elevator for removal.


A Wide destoning channel with dewatering grill Removes stones <150 mm (larger than other models).
Extra time for stones to fall means better destoning.
Dewaters produce before next stage in the line*
B Water destoning action - rising column of water Excellent stone separation.
Gentle on produce; minimal damage.
C Access hatch Easy cleaning access.
D Curtain Reduces splashing as produce enters water.
E Dump valve Easily flush sludge from bottom of elevator.
F Destoning water recirculated Water efficient.
G Waste chute Stones contained for disposal.
H Stone elevator Carries stones to waste chute.
I Touch screen electrical controls Easy equipment control.
Produce moves straight through Suitable for batch processing (nothing left behind).
Easy to adjust destoning action To suit produce and stone density. See results as you go.
Small footprint Fits where other destoning equipment cannot.
Simple design, no moving parts Reliable and easy to operate. Easy maintenance.
Stainless steel construction Durable and hard-wearing.


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