Pumpkin Brusher

Wyma’s Pumpkin Brusher uses long bristle brushes to wash soil, clods and light scale from pumpkins and squash without skin damage.


  • Quickly removes surface dirt from large near-round produce to improve produce appearance and the accuracy of grading equipment later in the processing line.
  • Fully removable side panels to access brush shafts and internal structure for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Spray bars rinse produce as it travels through the machine. Allow chemical application.
  • Brush shafts are at different heights so produce stays between the brushes and does not get stuck on the sides. This allows a gentle and consistent clean.
  • Water catchment tray collects waste water and allows for water recycling.
  • Brush shafts controlled by separate geared motors run brush shafts at different speeds to fully control brushing action.
  • Machine can be adjusted (from 0 – 2°) change tilt angle to control the speed that produce moves through the machine.
  • Electrical control panel makes installation easy and allows total equipment control.
  • Water tank to collect waste water for recirculation* saves water.
  • Backing bar* stops smaller produce being pulled through the brushes.

* Optional

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