Reliability and effectiveness key reasons for repeat purchase

Date: 2010

Subject: Reliability and effectiveness key reasons for repeat purchase

Business: Stoll Frères

Location: Stoll, Switzerland


Seven years ago, Stoll Frères (Stoll) did extensive research to choose the supplier of their new wash line, including visits to other packhouses around Europe. Above all, Stoll wanted to find equipment that would be able to cope with their black soil which was rather difficult to wash off carrots. “We saw the Wyma Vege-Polishers™ in operation and we were amazed at the results. This is how we became the first Swiss packhouse to install a complete Wyma wash line in 2003. Our customers immediately noticed the improvement in the quality of our carrots,” says Roland Stoll, Commercial Manager.

This year, Stoll purchased an advanced optical carrot grading system. As a result, they wanted to invest in new wash line equipment to meet the capacity requirement of that new machine and have the most innovative technology available in their carrot pack-house.

“No questions needed to be asked, we just contacted Wyma again. Wyma is still the leader due to the reliability and effectiveness of their equipment. There are some European equipment manufacturers around, but the technical level of their machines and the quality of the fresh produce coming out is nowhere comparable to those of Wyma,” said Mr. Stoll.

Stoll also credited Netagco, Wyma’s dealer in Switzerland, for their availability and after-sales support capabilities.

The new Wyma wash line is composed respectively of a Super Tip Bin Tipper, a Hedgehog, stone flumes, a WP3016.V2B, integrated platforms and walkways to give access to the equipment. “The Wyma Vege-Polisher™ is used intensively, ten hours per day, six days a week, and it works very well for us.”

Although the new WP3016.V2B Vege-Polisher™ plays a significant part in achieving a quality presentation of the carrots, the Wet Hopper and the Hedgehog combine to get rid of black soil, debris and leaves so that the washing and polishing effectiveness is maximized further down the line.

A customized “triple tank” rotary filter has also been fitted under the Vege-Polisher™ for water recycling. “I had some special requests with regard to our water recycling and Wyma provided us with a very effective system that meets our needs.” The first tank, or compartment, receives the water coming from the Vege-Polisher™ and going through the rotary screen filter. The second tank provides a buffer to give enough time for any leftover debris or solids to settle at the bottom of the water. The overflow from that second tank passes on to the third tank where it is pumped back into the Vege-Polisher™, the spray bars of the Wet Hopper and the flumes.

Starting with 2.8ha of land 28 years ago, Stoll now employs 200 people and owns 350ha of land and several washing and packing lines for their cereal, flower and vegetables crops. The company is an example of how passion for the agricultural sector, a drive for continuous improvement and taking opportunity of innovative technology come together to achieve success.


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