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Hard polishing before cutting for crisps with Wyma Vege-Polisher™ system

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Potato crisp manufacturing is a competitive industry, one where efficiency is a crucial factor in staying ahead of the competition. Wyma’s Vege-Polisher™ system combines both polishing and peeling technology in a unique package to minimise the impact and wear on downstream potato processing equipment, allowing crisp producers to generate greater returns from their line.

Achieving these returns is possible thanks to the customisability of the Wyma Vege-Polisher™ brushing configuration. Our Vege-Polisher™ brush system is capable of many levels of intensity to cater to a wide range of produce types and desired output. All Wyma polishers offer customisable brush configurations to suit your produce and conditions, maximising polishing effectiveness.

As well as cleaning potatoes to a superior finish, a heavy polish brush configuration can lightly remove the top skin layers of potatoes and unlock key benefits for crisp producers.

Reduced wear, improved knife longevity

Reducing the amount of friction at the surface of the produce is key to lengthening the life of your slicing equipment. By removing the top (often the toughest) layers of skin from potatoes, the resistance met by cutting knives is reduced, keeping them sharp and effective for longer. The hard polish cycle also cleans dirt and small stones from potato eyes, further extending longevity by removing debris that can quickly blunt your knives.

Wyma has put this to the test using an 8-knife slicer basket, calculating the number of knife changes required per shift when slicing polished potatoes against unpolished.

clean cut article table

(Prices in USD at time of study)

The results of our study showed a 75% reduction in knife replacement when running the potatoes through a heavy polish before slicing. In the 8-knife slicer example we tested, that translates to savings of over USD$285,000 per year. In addition to the savings in knife costs, increased machine availability, a reduction in knife holder usage and maintenance labour lead to further operational and financial benefits.

Yield improvement

The traditional and well-proven method for improving knife life when slicing potatoes is to run your produce through a peeling system before cutting. There are drawbacks to this approach, however, as the harsher peeling process can contribute to a lower yield by stripping more from the exterior of the produce than is necessary.

In addition to our knife life study, we observed that installing a Wyma Vege-Polisher™ with heavy polish/light peel brush configuration in place of two carborundum peelers increased finished product yield by 3%. While this yield improvement is significant, the corresponding reduction in peeling time was of equal importance, maintaining freshness and improving throughout.

Whichever way you slice it, more effective processing technology can deliver greater efficiency and yield for potato crisp manufacturers. To find out more about the range of configuration options available in our Vege-Polisher™ range, get in touch with your local Wyma representative today.

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