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Agrial choose Wyma for new carrot processing plant

France’s Agrial has this month chosen Wyma Europe to design and supply a new carrot processing plant in Saint-Georges-de-Grehaigne, France.

Wyma Europe was selected due to their ability to offer a fully integrated, innovative design solution, utilizing the latest washing, polishing, cooling and transportation technology, along with their significant experience in integrating multiple optical sorting systems.  Once fully operational, the new plant will be capable of producing up to 25 tons per hour.

With over 60 vegetable processing sites throughout Europe and Africa, a turnover of EUR 6.1 billon, and 12,500 farmer members, Agrial is a major operator in the European fresh vegetable, milk, beverage and meat markets.

Through its retail brands Florette, Priméale and Créaline, Agrial has grown significantly in the last few years to provide over one million tons of fresh vegetables to the European and African markets annually. A strong focus on quality, freshness and innovation has driven much of this growth.

“It’s fantastic to work closely with an organisation such as Agrial,” says Jason Gerrie, General Manager – Wyma Europe s.r.o & Wyma UK Ltd.

“Wyma shares their passion for the production of high-quality, long-lasting fresh vegetables. The carrot processing line we have developed will offer the Priméale operation the functionality, flexibility and throughput they need to deliver the quality and freshness their customers expect.  This will be a modern, fit-for-purpose line that will deliver long-lasting benefits to Agrial and their customers,” says Gerrie.

Wyma will complete the design and manufacture of the principal equipment in the coming months and it is expected that line will be commissioned for operation in mid-2021.

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