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  • The Wyma Hydro-cooler quickly reduces the core temperature of fresh produce, extending shelf-life and preserving flavour, appearance and saleble weight. The Wyma Hydro-cooler sprays water over a heat exchanger, constructed from copper or stainless steel coils, or stainless plates.

    This heat exchanger is cooled to several degrees below freezing by refrigerant. Water is pumped to spray bar nozzles located above the heat exchanger. As the water passes over the heat exchanger, it cools the water to a user-set temperature. This cooled water then deluges onto the loose produce or into the produce bins or crates. Sprayed water is collected in a storage tank underneath the conveyor.

    The storage tank is sized to hold enough water to regulate the temperature inside the cooling chamber. Wyma offers three models of Hydro-coolers which can suit multiple produce and conveying preferences:

    • The flow-through Hydro-cooler for small plastic bins or crates, or for loose produce. The bins or crates are transported on a conveyor and sprayed with cooled water.This model is mostly used with broccoli, asparagus, cherries, radishes and beetroot.
    • The flow-through Hydro-cooler for large plastic bins or crates. A recent addition to Wyma’s range, this model has been introduced to meet the requirements of growers and packers wishing to handle produce in bulk bins for traceability.
    • The Hydro-cooler with out-feed elevator for loose produce. Produce is transported on a polyethylene belt, with the option to partially or fully immerse it. An immersed out-feed elevator allows a gentle transition to the next piece of equipment in the line. This is Wyma's most popular model due to the gentle handling and even cooling provided by the immersion option. It can be used with carrots, potatoes, parsnips etc...

    An in-depth understanding of post-harvest handling is required to ensure the produce reaches its optimal core temperature quickly, without causing chilling injury. With Hydro-coolers supplied worldwide and for various fresh produce, Wyma has strong experience in evaluating environmental, physiological and operational factors relevant to the design of a Hydro-cooler. Dwell time, equipment and refrigeration specifications are tailored to meet customer requirements during the design phase.

    Model Capacity
    FHX0005 5 T/hr (11,000 lb/hr)
    FHX0010 10 T/hr (22,000 lb/hr)
    FHX0015 15 T/hr (33,000 lb/hr)

    Larger capacity systems are available on application.

    • Various models available to suit produce and conveying preferences
    • Rapid cooling of vegetables and fruit significantly enhances shelf-life and maintain quality
    • Integrated refrigeration system customised to suit requirements, with customer-selected refrigerant
    • Shower and immersion cooling prevents produce dehydration, maintaining moisture level and commodity weight
    • Stainless steel tank or upgrade to insulated panels for enhanced thermal efficiency*
    • High quality modular plastic belting for model with out-feed elevator
    • Durable, robust, low maintenance design
    • Continuous water filtration provided by self-cleaning rotary screen filter*
    • Gentle handling with immersed tank and out-feed elevator on model with out-feed elevator*
    • Variable belt speed to control cooling time
    • Inspection hatches to allow easy access for cleaning and maintenance
    • Options to either spray/shower, partially immerse or fully immerse vegetables or fruit to achieve the best results
    • The heat exchanger is mounted to the structure, eliminating the need for additional structure to contain this
    • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance


    * Optional

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