Vibrating Piece Remover

Wyma’s Vibrating Piece Remover removes unwanted debris in your processing line.



Our Vibrating Piece Remover removes unwanted produce pieces and debris early in your processing line and prior to packaging.

Produce and debris are fed onto the bed which is made up of corrugated channels. The bed vibrates to spread produce and debris across its width. Produce and debris move into the corrugated channels and moves towards the outfeed. As everything moves forward a series of adjustable openings allow debris to fall through while produce bridges the openings and continues on.

Two eccentric vibrating motors shake the Vibrating Piece Remover at an adjustable speed. Small vibrations are best so produce does not bounce. Springs are fitted to isolate the vibrations.

Optional cross conveyors can be used to carry waste away and carry produce to another stage in your line. Conveyors are placed under the adjustable openings.


  • Solid rubber mounts to provide efficient vibration isolation
  • Adjustable sizing slots to cater for individual requirements
  • Variable speed drives to control oscillation
  • Fully contained vibration motors
  • Waste conveyors*
  • Air filled rubber mounts provide efficient vibration isolation
  • Multiple sizes available catering up to 10 tonnes per hour (approx 22,000 pounds)
  • Stainless steel corrugated trays


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