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  • The Wyma Vibrating Length Sizer provides length sizing control for long root vegetables prior to packaging. It can also be configured as a Piece Remover to remove small or broken pieces of fresh produce.

    This sizing system uses a directional vibrating movement to spread produce across its width, and move it into corrugated channels (or grooves) sized to fit the diameter of the produce. Once into the corrugated channels, carrots, or other long produce, are placed vertically (length wise) and transported towards the out-feed of the Vibrating Length Sizer. As the produce is transported forward, a series of openings in the corrugated trays allow short produce or pieces to drop through, while longer objects bridge the opening and continue to the next slot size.

    The Wyma Vibrating Length Sizer can separate up to four sizes, which would consist of three adjustable slot gaps and the longest size exiting at the out-feed. To change the size of the openings or slots, size adjusters are placed on each side of the machine. Size adjustment consists of rotating the threaded rod along the scale provided. Slots are adjustable from 10 to 150mm gaps.

    The vibrating motion is provided by twin eccentric mass vibrating motors which shake the sizer at a predetermined speed. The equipment can be adjustable for amplitude of shaking oscillations using an inverter*. Greatest accuracy is achieved with smaller amplitude vibrations so the produce does not ‘bounce’ through the incorrect size opening. To provide stability of the frame and equipment, coil springs isolate the vibrations.

    The Vibrating Length Sizer is typically used in conjunction with cross conveyors* which are located under the sizing slots and at the end of the sizer. These conveyors carry the sized produce away for further processing. These cross conveyors can be reversible and with soft-drop areas. They are individually specified to suit customer requirements.


    • Coil springs provide efficient vibration isolation
    • Adjustable sizing slots to cater for individual requirements
    • Variable speed drives to control oscillation or shaking intensity*
    • Main frame constructed from mild steel, galvanised and painted or upgrade to stainless steel*
    • Stainless steel corrugated trays
    • Up to four length sizes can be provided
    • Cross conveyors to carry the sized produce away for further processing available*


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