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  • The Wyma Vertical Bin & Big Bag Filler gently fills bins and/or bags. It can be supplied as a single or dual head configuration.

    The main components of a Vertical Bin Bag Filler in a single configuration are an in-feed conveyor, a de-elevator and a smart sensor system. A sensor initially detects whether an empty bin is present under the de-elevator, and controls the in-feed conveyor and filler operations accordingly. If a bin is not detected the in-feed conveyor and Bin Filler do not start, preventing produce loss onto the floor. If a bin is detected, both the in-feed conveyor and de-elevator begin operating. The de-elevator lowers to the bottom of the empty bin. Soft fingers on the de-elevator gently convey produce into the bin. As the bin or bag fills, the de-elevator slowly adjusts upwards, maintaining a minimal distance between its end point and the produce at the bottom of the bin/bag. Once the bin is full, the de-elevator and in-feed conveyor stop until the bin is replaced with an empty one.

    The dual head model allows continuous filling. If one big/bag is full, the in-feed conveyor reverses and directs the produce towards the other empty bin/bag. This allows a continuous flow of the line, eliminating the need for buffer storage and flow-control equipment upstream. It also provides additional packing capacity, bins can be replaced as soon as they are filled.

    Wyma Vertical Bin and Bag Fillers can fill bins and bags of carrots, potatoes, parsnips, onions, and other types of fruit and vegetables.


    Model Configuration Approx. Capacity* Maximum Bin Width** Maximum Bag Height**
    BDA0006 Vertical Bin and Bag Filler
    Dual Head
    7 t/hr
    14,000 lb/hr
    1050 mm
    1400 mm
    BSA0006 Vertical Bin and Bag Filler
    Single Head
    5 t/hr
    10,000 lb/hr
    1050 mm
    1400 mm
    Custom Vertical Bin and Bag Filler
    Single or Dual Head
    Custom Custom Custom

    *Capacity is dependent on produce and operating conditions. Average over a day's operation.
    **All dimensions are indicative only.

    • Gentle handling
    • Low maintenance
    • Reversible conveyor (on dual head)
    • Can be used with multiple fresh produce
    • Food safety grade belting
    • Fingers on de-elevator for strong and gentle support of produce when filling the bin
    • Bin barriers to prevent damage to the support frame
    • Stand-alone control systems (including PLC) for interfacing with the main plant PLC, manual stop/start operation or hand-held remote control*


    * Optional

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