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  • VAM Watertech can supply water treatment and recycling systems that purify processed water to 100%.  As a packhouse and food processing owner and operator, you consequently:

    • Reduce water consumption and costs: up to 95% of the processed water can be re-used
    • Reduce water discharges fees
    • Maximise the efficiency and life of your handling and processing equipment using water free from dirt, debris and contaminants that may increase corrosion, damage or maintenance requirements of machinery
    • Maximise produce quality and shelf life by reducing bacterial contamination risk from water
    • Increase the environmental sustainability profile of your business
    • Reduce risk with less dependency on water supply restrictions
  • The VAM Watertech water treatment plants consist of various stages of water purification. A complete system goes through various stages for the removal of organic and inorganic matters in the used water. These steps may include: 

    • A rotary filter screen to remove coarse solids from the water
    • A sand auger and/or sand cyclone to separate, dewater and convey sand and heavy particles from the water
    • A lamella separator (also known as lamella clarifier) to remove agreggate particles from water. This process is preceded with the addition of a flocculant to the water entering the lamella separator. The flocculant create flocs of particles that are heavy and big enough to ensure their efficient sedimentation in the lamella separator. 
    • A belt press to squeeze the water out of the sludge from the lamella and increase solid concentration to create a disposable mass
    • Ozone and UV units to remove remaining bacteria, viruses, algae and fungus and disinfect the water
    • A reverse osmosis unit to remove remaining impurities and achieve close to 100% water purification level

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