NEW Vege-Polisher™ (V4 Series)

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  • The Wyma Vege-Polisher™ has a rotating drum made up of rows of nylon brushes. Produce enters via a large in-feed chute. Inside the drum, two water pipes spray fresh and/or recycled water on the produce as it travels along. At the out-feed, produce slides down a chute with minimal drop to ensure a smooth transition to downstream equipment.

    The NEW Vege-Polisher™ can considerably improve the appearance of fresh vegetables, resulting in a greater percentage of packed premium produce and an increased presence on retailers’ shelves. Wyma’s experience with the rotary brush drum technology and brush specifications, combine to ensure vegetables are washed and polished to the highest retailing standards.

    Eight key improvements include:

    1. Smart, automated machine operation via touch screen (a first for the vegetable polishing industry)
    2. Improved access for maintenance and cleaning – no tools required to access the drum and brushes
    3. Turnkey electrical solution - no more onsite wiring required
    4. Refined water application to improve water distribution and hygiene
    5. Increased safety compliance with RFID safety switches
    6. Automatic brush reversal to extend bristle life
    7. Isolated wash zone for improved hygiene and maintenance - more water and debris are contained within the wash zone
    8. Automated water recycling - a turnkey water management system to reduce water consumption.

    The new automated touch screen machine control (also able to be remote controlled via smart phone, tablet or desktop) ensures precision farming goes beyond just harvesting equipment into processing machinery. Automation features include drive torque measurements, favourite settings, data logging, service and cleaning reminders, automatic brush reversal and rinse cycles to prolong the life of the bristles, and connectivity to the Wyma After-Sales Team for online service and technical assistance.

    The side doors have been re-shaped to remove catch points and minimise risks for food waste accumulation. Consequently, the internal wash area can be easily hosed down and debris is guided to the recycle base underneath the machine. The side doors and drive guards have been completely re-designed to provide full access without the need for tools, reducing cleaning and maintenance time.

    Download the brochure for a full list of features

    View the Vege-Polisher V2B Series

    • Horizontally balanced side doors provide unobstructed access along the full length of the drum and brush shafts for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.
    • End guards on hinged cantilever allowing full access and maximum visibility to the drive zones for quick inspection and regular maintenance.
    • Side doors and end guards are fitted with RFID safety switches to meet operator safety standards. 
    • Automated operation controlled via touch screen on cantilever arm - easily fitted to either side of machine.
    • Reliable V and synchronous belt drive systems with proven performance and durability. Hinged belt tensioning system for quick and simple tension adjustment.
    • Spray bars are positioned external to the brushes to minimise accumulation of debris on the bars. 
    • Integrated solenoids provide a turnkey water management solution. 
    • Pipes are fitted with hygienic tri-clamps easily uncoupled for cleaning. 
    • Optional fresh water spray purge available to flush excess dirt out of the piping.
    • Isolated wash zone with partitions and a sealed wash ceiling for improved containment of water and debris inside the drum, shielding the drive zones.
    • Smooth contact surfaces with minimal debris catch points. Surfaces are easily sighted (maximum light and visibility inside machine) and accessed for improved hygiene and ease of cleaning.
    • Ability to customise brush configuration to suit a range of produce varieties and conditions to maximise polishing effectiveness. Over 20 years experience in custom brush specification.

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