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  • The Wyma Truck Wash-Out System provides a gentle unloading while washing the majority of soil from produce. It has four main components:

    1. Truck Positioning: An easy-to-use guidance system indicating to the driver when to stop
    2. Wash booms: Two remotely controlled booms with high volume streams, wash produce from the truck
    3. Reception Tray: that hydraulically indexes up under the base of the trailer’s truck
    4. Web dewatering conveyor (with customer supplied tank underneath to feed used water to lagoon)

    Truck Positioning
    The Truck Unloading guidance system has been designed to detect the position of the truck in relation to the unloading equipment and indicate to the driver when to stop. Two photo-eye sensors are used to detect the position of the truck. These sensors are linked to the indicator light which acts as a visual indicator. When the first sensor beam is broken by the truck the orange (caution) indicator light is activated. When the second sensor beam is broken the red (stop) light is activated.

    Wash Booms
    Two water booms can be positioned at various angles above the truck via pneumatic controls. Dual hydraulic cylinders are used to adjust the boom position across and along the inside of the tray. The booms can be gradually moved, progressing forwards, while sweeping the hose from side to side. This sweeping action is continued until the boom is positioned fully forward and the truck has been completely cleared of produce.

    Reception Tray
    The position of this remotely controlled tray can be adjusted via the electric control panel. The tray adjustment operates in two directions to allow optimum matching with individual trucks. The Reception Tray channels produce onto the Dewatering Conveyor.

    Dewatering Conveyor, Deluge Wash Bars and Tray
    The dewatering conveyor features a webbed belt to allow water to drop through the conveyor. The deluge wash bars provide a high volume water spray to rinse the produce before moving onto the elevator to the Wet Hopper. The tray underneath the dewatering conveyor collects the deluge wash water and the truck wash out water for reuse.

    This product has minimal maintenance requirements and is simple to operate.

    • Easy-to-use truck postioning system
    • Reception tray adjustments in two directions for optimal truck matching
    • high volume water stream from two remote controlled wash booms
    • Minimal maintenance requirements
    • Simple to operate


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