Tip-and-Stack Bin System

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  • Designed to manage three bins simultaneously, the Wyma Tip-and-Stack Bin System is used to receive, tip and re-stack bins. The tipping process is very gentle with minimal produce drop.

    Three bins are progressively unloaded and the empty bins are restacked ready for removal. This bin unloading system is designed to run automatically and is operated via an automatic hydraulic system.
    The process:

    1.    Three bins are loaded by forklift onto the left hand side of the system (loading zone).

    2.    The lifting flaps engage under Bin 2. The two top bins are then lifted, while Bin 1 remains on the Bin Slider.

    3.    The Bin Slider moves Bin 1 into the central tipping zone and collects the bin for tipping.

    4.    The bin is then clamped and secured against the top edge of the tipping frame and rotated fully to tip. During this tipping phase, the sliding frame acts as a lid for the bin.The top frame pushes upwards to gently open the sliding lid and gradually empty the contents of the bin onto the creep conveyor. The rate at which produce exits the bin is controlled via a sensor. This ensures the flow through the line is kept at a consistent rate.

    5.    Once the bin is fully emptied the lid slides back and the bin is returned to the Bin Slider.

    6.    The lifting flaps engage under Bin 3 and lift it upwards. Bin 2 slides into the tipping zone, while the empty Bin 1 moves into the unloading zone.

    7.    The process continues until three bins have been emptied of produce and restacked in the unloading zone ready for removal by forklift.

    The Wyma Tip-and-Stack system is commonly installed in conjunction with Belt Conveyors to take produce further down the processing line.

    “Having previously added the Vege-Polisher™ to our parsnip washing line, we trusted Wyma and John Roest (Australian Territory Manager) to advise on our broccoli line. We needed to save time and improve our output and the Wyma Tip and Stack Bin System has done just that.” Glenn Favero, Favero Gardens, Australia

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