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  • The Wyma Super Tip Bin Tipper is a single axis tipper that empties field bins of various sizes into a wet or dry hopper. This equipment can also be used to tip bins onto a takeaway conveyor depending on the layout of the processing line. It can be built with a centre or corner pivot ensuring produce is evenly distributed across the hopper or conveyor width.

    As opposed to the Wyma Manual Tip Bin Tipper, the Super Tip is fully automated via electrical control panel or remote control, and is rotated using hydraulic cylinders. This allows tipping through 140° to ensure complete produce discharge. The operator is simply required to press a start dial to activate the tipping motion. The remote control activates a cycle of tipping and lowers the bin back to a start position. It also provides the ability to tip up, pause in position and then tip back down. An emergency stop over-ride button is also included.

    The Super Tip Bin Tipper can be equipped with a top ejection system. This allows the forklift driver to place a new full bin on the Bin Tipper and remove the empty one without driving away from the loading area. The aim is to minimise forklift movements around the pack-house, increasing safety and forklift efficiencies while reducing fuel costs and tipping delays. The wide cradle models allow two bins to be tipped simultaneously.

    Model Craddle width
    LPA0014 1400 mm (4'7'')
    LPA0018 1800 mm (6')
    LPA0024 2400 mm (7'10'')

    Customised craddle sizes available on request.

    • Various model widths available to meet bin specifications
    • Custom frame heights to adequately integrate the Bin Tipper into new and existing processing lines
    • Can tip into a hopper or onto a conveyor
    • Hydraulic power pack operating cylinders and sized to suit load and speed requirements
    • Fast standard tipping cycle of 25 seconds from bin loading to produce release
    • Durable and robust construction to withstand the strains of lifting heavy bins and of forklift knocks
    • Designed to minimise drop height and optimise gentle tipping
    • Dual linkage arms for a smooth tipping motion and an efficient use of hydraulic power
    • Fully automatic tipping cycle
    • Tipping rotation to 140 degrees to ensure complete produce discharge
    • Remote radio control to allow operation from forklift*
    • Can handle multiple field / pack-house bin sizes
    • The wide cradle models allow two bins to be tipped simultaneously.



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