Star Roller Dirt Remover

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  • Key Features
  • The Wyma Star Dirt Remover removes loose dirt, stones and vines from root vegetables, such as potatoes, in a continuous process. It is composed of rows of rubber star rollers and rows of clod remover rollers. The vegetables are vibrated while flowing through the rollers. This vibrating movement separates dirt and other debris from the produce.


    Models Length Working width
    RDB0009 600 mm (2'11'')
    RDB0012 1600 mm (5'3'') 1200 mm (3'11'')


    • Manually adjustable tilt angle to vary produce flow according to produce type and volume
    • Reversible clod roller direction to favour a gentle action should your root vegetables have very soft skins e.g. new season potatoes
    • Separate drive system for the star rollers and the clod rollers to adjust rotational speed. This allows you to control the optimum level of dirt removal without unnecessary damage to produce skins
    • Durable star rubber rollers
    • Automatic scraper cleaning system to assist in removing dirt and vine build up and hence allow consistent dirt removal performance
    • Easy side panels, removal for cleaning and maintenance access
    • Main chain drive tensioning via nut adjustment mechanism

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