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  • The Wyma Soft Tip Bin Tipper is a corner pivot bin tipper that has been especially designed for gentle handling and controlled discharge of fresh produce onto a conveyor or small hopper.

    It is built with a roll back lid controlled via photoelectric sensors. The lid incrementally opens until a photoelectric sensor detects produce on the conveyor, allowing for a progressive yet regulated discharge. The bin is first placed on a cradle platform. On activation of the tipping cycle, the bin lifts up towards the roll back lid applying light pressure. Once the bin is securely clamped into position, the cylinders operated via the hydraulic power pack tip the bin to 140 degrees. The lid then partially opens until a photoelectric sensor detects produce on the conveyor, allowing for a progressive yet regulated discharge to prevent damage to the produce. The combination of the complete opening of the lid and the absence of produce on the takeaway conveyor triggers the cradle to tip back. The empty bin is then lowered into its starting position for removal.

    This tipper is generally supplied with a take-away conveyor* or a hopper* fitted with a sensor control system and with a variable speed drive* to set speed and volume of produce flow. Together, this equipment allows for a fully automated operation that minimises processing and/or bagging delays.

    The Soft Tip Bin Tipper can be equipped with a side ejection system. This allows the forklift driver to place a new full bin on the Bin Tipper and remove the empty one without driving away from the loading area. The aim is to minimise forklift movements around the pack-house, increasing safety and forklift efficiencies while reducing fuel costs and tipping delays. It is able to handle multiple field/pack house bin sizes.



    Model Width
    LFX0013 1300 mm
    LFX0015 1500 mm
    LFX0018 1800 mm
    • Automated hydraulic bin clamp to secure the bin in position before its rotation and adjust to various bin heights
    • Custom frame heights to adequately integrate the bin tipper into new and existing processing lines
    • Durable and robust construction to withstand the strains of lifting heavy bins and of forklift knocks
    • Stainless steel construction in high wear areas
    • Roll back lid to discharge produce and to protect it against damage in the tipping cycle
    • Photoelectric sensor system to control product discharge onto conveyor
    • Fully automatic tipping cycle via electrical control panel or via remote control*
    • Long stroke cylinders allowing tipping through 140 degrees
    • Quick operation (as little as 25 seconds per bin, tipped and returned)
    • Side or top ejection system with support frame*
    • Siren and warning lights to enhance safety
    • Can handle multiple field / pack-house bin sizes



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