Screen Sizer

Our Screen Sizer effectively sizes round produce into two sizes.


Wyma’s Screen Sizer effectively sizes round produce in a continuous process. It is a modular alternative to the Lift Roller Sizer.

The Screen Sizer separates produce into two sizes.

It has a rotating screen with holes at a set size. Produce is fed onto the screen and small produce falls through the holes while larger produce is carried to the outfeed. This process is aided by mechanical shakers that gently vibrate the produce on the screen.

Multiple Screen Sizers can be placed in a row, each with slightly larger screen holes than the one before it, to separate produce into additional sizes.

An optional cross conveyor can be used to carry sized produce to another stage in your line.


  • Mechanical shaker to gently vibrate produce on the screen
  • Ranges of screen hole size and shape available
  • Choice of rubber, nylon, plastic and steel wire mesh available
  • Pintle roller fitted at out-feed end to prevent produce from jamming into the screen
  • Modules can cater for up to 20 tonnes per hour (approx 44,000 pounds) depending on the produce variety
  • Main frame constructed from mild steel, galvanised and painted or stainless steel*
  • Cross conveyors available*


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