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  • This Rotary Bin Tipper was custom-designed to ensure gentle handling, an effective and controllable discharge, and a robust construction for large bins. It can tip carrot bins weighing up to 4.5T, and about 3700mm wide.  

    This custom Bin Tipper has two cradles, each with a distinct purpose: 

    • One outer cradle mounted to the main frame. This outer cradle drives the centre pivot rotation electrically, and houses a belt lid and an inner cradle.  
    • One hydraulically operated inner cradle. The inner cradle houses the bin and lifts it up vertically to secure it against the back of the belt lid prior to rotation. After the full rotation is complete and the bin is inverted ready for discharge, the inner cradle pushes upward. A gap between the bin and the lid incrementally opens, gently releasing produce into the Wet Hopper.  

    As the inner cradle pushes upward, it is crucial to prevent produce being trapped and/or damaged at the bottom of the load, on the belt’s surface. Consequently, the unpowered conveyor belt is linked to the inner cradle and moves in sync with it. This reduces the amount of produce rubbing against the belt.

    The new Rotary Bin Tipper also provides control of discharge, with the ability to set the speed at which the bin uplifts to prevent large surges of produce being unloaded at once. The Bin Tipper mechanisms, hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic, are all self-contained with the operator simply required to press a start dial on the remote control to activate the tipping motion.  

    Guide rollers in the four corners of the rotary frame have been reinforced to take a significant proportion of the weight as the bin rotates and extends out. The Bin Tipper is built from extra heavy duty stainless steel to provide a robust frame and maximise durability.

    • Designed to accommodate 3700mm wide bins
    • Fully self-contained unit 
    • Automated hydraulic bin clamp to secure bin in position before its rotation 
    • Durable and robust construction in stainless steel to withstand the strains of lifting heavy bins and harsh operating environment
    • Conveyor lid movement linked to upward bin motion to prevent produce being jammed and damaged on conveyor 
    • Proximity sensors to monitor tipping rotation and adjust speed accordingly e.g. Bin Tipper slows down as it approaches the full rotation point
    • Movement sensors to automate tipping cycle 
    • Remote control
    • Quick and controllable tipping cycle speed 
    • Safety guarding available as an option
    • Bin lifting speed, linked to discharge rate, controllable

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