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  • The Wyma Roller Inspection Table conveys potatoes, carrots, onions, beetroots and other vegetables or fruit to allow manual and visual inspection.

    The Wyma Roller Inspection Table has an internal bed made of RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section), with the top covered with rubber coated strips. The rollers are attached to a heavy duty extended pin sprocket chain. As the chain moves forward, the friction between the rubber strips and the rollers causes the rollers to rotate on the surface of the table. This rotation in turn creates a rotating movement for the produce, allowing a visual scan of the complete produce surface. Rollers are carried by the chain on the underside of the roller table and do not turn, halving the revolutions of the rollers and significantly increasing their life.

    The Wyma Roller Inspection Table is built with blue rollers to ensure better contrast when inspecting for defects. It also helps to notice any abnormal colours on the table. Some customers opt to add a centre divider, separating the table into two clear inspection areas. The unique feature of the Wyma Roller Inspection Table is a "drop-out" roller* which allows debris to exit the interior of the machine, facilitating cleaning and protecting the life and efficiency of the table's internal bed structure.

    Waste sorting chutes are provided along one or both sides of the table (depending on the configuration of the processing line and platforms) to remove the waste or graded produce. Waste or grading conveyors underneath the table can be added to convey this produce to bins or other processing equipment in the line.

    The Wyma Roller Inspection Table can also be provided in a dual configuration. This is equivalent to two Roller Inspection Tables separated by a central waste chute for grading or waste removal.

    Model Length Width
    JRN/JRL2406 2400 mm (7'9") 600 mm (2')
    JRN/JRL2009 2400 mm (7'9") 900 mm (3')
    JRN/JRL2412 2400 mm (7'9") 1200 mm (4')
    JRN/JRL3006 3000 mm (9' 10") 300 mm (2')
    JRN/JRL3009 3000 mm (9' 10") 900 mm (3')
    JRN/JRL3012 3000 mm (9' 10") 1200 mm (4')
    JRN/JRL3015 3000 mm (9'10") 1500 mm (5')
    JRN/JRL3606 3600 mm (11' 9") 600 mm (2')
    JRN/JRL3612 3600 mm (11' 9") 1200 mm (4')
    JRD2406 2400 mm (7'9") 1500 mm (5')
    JRD3006 3000 mm (9'10") 1500 mm (5')
    JRD3606 3600 mm (11'9") 1500 mm (5')



    • Stainless side foldings extend beside rollers to stop vegetable ingress
    • Blue PVC rollers for better colour contrast when inspecting or grading
    • Drop out roller system to allow dirt and/or debris to fall beneath the table*
    • Dual Roller Inspection Table with centre waste chute available*
    • Centre divider to separate Roller Inspection Table into two clearly defined inspection areas*
    • Inspection hatches for easy maintenance and cleaning access
    • Heavy duty extended pin conveyor chain
    • Rollers run on X-lube oil impregnated bushes to handle dry and wet vegetables
    • Light frame with fluorescent light for enhanced inspection or grading*
    • Stainless steel chute extension attaches to end of moulded plastic waste/sorting chute to provide extra length for chute and to direct produce towards bins/conveyors*
    • Stainless steel in-feed or out-feed chute with rubber lining to gently feed produce onto roller inspection table or other equipment that follows in the processing line
    • Emergency stop pull cord with reset button
    • Variable speed drive which enables the operator easy access to vary the speed of the inspection to his/her preference

    * Optional



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